Rainboot made of recycled pvc

Reduction of the environmental impact for the same quality of the finished product.

The shoe factory Maresca has always recovered scrap materials by recycling PVC to produce new boots.

Pvc is one of the easiest plastic materials to recycle, from the technical point of view and it has the great advantage of keeping its properties unchanged, even after many regeneration cycles.
As only 38% consists of carbon, the regenerated PVC significantly contributes to CO2 emissions less than other plastic materials.

In this way, it is possible to protect the environment from pollution by offering a top-quality product at the same time.

Inside its factory in Mantova (Italy), the shoe factory MARESCA directly recycles its production waste through a grinding process that turns the discarded PVC into granules ready to be reused. The production of recycled PVC footwear is carried out exclusively in the Italian factory, providing the finished product with the care and quality that have always distinguished the Made in Italy products.

In addition to the recycling of the raw material inside the factory, Maresca is in contact with cutting-edge companies that supply recycled plastic raw materials, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact. In the manufacturing process of recycled PVC carried out by these companies, all the additives necessary to achieve the required properties are standardized by the Reach Regulation, and most of them are of biological origin.
The industrial process water is continuously recovered, filtered and reused in order to avoid waste and the packaging, in which the regenerated PVC granules are delivered, consists of  60% recycled paper.
The result that is obtained with the regeneration of PVC leads to a clear reduction in the consumption of fossil resources and very low greenhouse gas emissions that allow a considerable CO2 savings and a lower energy demand than the production of virgin PVC.
The boot made from recycled PVC is already available for prompt delivery with our Art.  100.14 in the following packaging and assortments:
  • Assortment by size into cartons of 10 pairs
  • Assortment type D1: 35-41 (1-1-2-2-2-1-1)
  • Assortment type D4: 36-41 (1-2-2-2-2-1)

For orders and information please contact our commercial department.

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