Chiara Bellini brand

The experience gained in the luxury market during almost ten years allows Maresca to launch a new ambitious project: the creation of Chiara Bellini luxury footwear brand.

The brand name is a tribute to Chiara Bellini, Technical Designer of the company and Giovanni Bellini's daughter - Mr Giovanni Bellini is the Chief Executive of Maresca, he manages the company together with his brother (and partner) Armando and his three children: Lorenzo, Michele and the aforementioned daughter Chiara. The choice of brand name Chiara Bellini brings to mind the Italian character of a 100% Made in Italy product.

The Chiara Bellini Brand is destined to the medium to high-end and luxury markets, and makes his debut with a bona fide collection for the Spring Summer 2015 collection, after a first trial run in the Russian market in 2013.

“The Chiara Bellini product”, - Chiara tells us, “- is a very meticulous product from a stylistic point of view and in its details, characterized by a combination of PVC with other materials, like leather and metallic accessories. The footwear line is completed by original ‘ball-shaped’ and ‘city’ bags, which are once again made of coloured PVC. Young women and men, who love to play and be daring with fashion, are the main targets of this line, but in the collection there are also products aimed at a certain ‘continuity’. These products are meant to be worn every day, either at the seaside or in the city, and are fashion products that are very far from the classic rain boot or beach sandal proposal”.
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