Saniflex brand

Innovation, introduction of new technologies in the footwear market and constant focus on the search of foot comfort and well-being have made it possible for Maresca to introduce in the shoemaking industry the Saniflex brand.
The Saniflex brand was established in 1990 with a first line of sanitary mules (art. 841 and art. 961) which still today are the top product of this collection, acclaimed by consumers all over the world. 

During these last years the production of sanitary mules and clogs has diversified and increased and today the Saniflex brand is capable of proposing a wide range of products:

  1. Sanitary line: The unfading success of the Saniflex mules and clogs line starts with these evergreen articles. This collection of sanitary footwear is unique, with unmatched comfort, lightness and durability. 

  2. Summer line: a new sanitary sandals collection is produced each year to keep abreast of shoes fashions without losing the shoes' traditional lightness and ease of wear.  

  3. Flip-Flops: new lines for men and women, widely appreciated for their freshness and their design. 

  4. Winter line: For the most tiring season (for feet), Saniflex has devised a line of warm and comfortable shoes.

  5. Mules width wood insole: Unique, unmatched shoes whose insole is formed by a thin layer of real wood that guarantees maximum flexibility and freshness. (DOES NOT HOLD BAD SMELLS) 

  6. Hand-sewn mules (New for 2008) : A line of shoes created for highly demanding customers that pay great attention to details: light, flexible shoes with vamp in soft leather.

  7. Certified professional shoes (Made in Italy): antistatic mules with real leather vamp with internal lining and antiskid polyurethane sole. These shoes' features are compliant to the latest EN ISO 20347 regulation: 2004 OB–A–E-SRC. This line of products includes all products with the patented brand TROKLO’: these are sanitary rubber clogs for hospitals which in addition to being antistatic and antiskid can also be STERILISED IN AUTOCLAVES.
Saniflex is a patented brand all over the world.
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