I Mascalzini brand

The registered trademark I MASCALZINI identifies an innovative line of products for children made up by a cotton sock injected into a thermoplastic rubber sole.
The non-slip sole is highly flexible and protects both the heel and the tip.
These characteristics allow:
• The children's feet to remain stable while walking,
• I MASCALZINI to be used indoor (at home, school, etc.) and outdoor,
• To have a sole insulating against hot and cold.

I MASCALZINI, being very easy to wear, are therefore ideal to be used at home but especially in nurseries and kindergartens, and they can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.
The product is distributed in single sizes from 21 to 32 and each pair is packaged in a funny transparent case.
I MASCALZINI are entirely made in ITALY and any raw material used is certified and complies with the current standards established by the European community.
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