ART. 100. BLACK, ART. 112.5671 "ROSE ROSA", ART. 112.5672 "VOGUE AVIO", ART. 112.6 LAME', Art. 112.7 Lady's Rainboot Fluo lining "ARANCIO", Art. 130. Pvc Snow Rainboot with synthetic wool lining , ART. 20321 - Man's thong slipper with polyuretane injected sole, ART. 300.1 Children Collection "I MASCALZINI", ART. 300.2 Children Collection "I MASCALZINI", Art. 621-30 Anatomical Medical footwear. Women Style., Art. 721 Summer footwear line for men. Injected sole, ART. 751 Man's summer Line. Slipper with injected sole., Art. 80.1 Leg Boot for Men, Art. 9510-3 Winter Slippers Line for men, ART.195.3 Rainboot with "CANE" pattern lining, e-shop professional footwear, health slippers for sale, PVC boots

Online Catalogue
Maresca Online Store is the online store where you can browse and buy many footwear for men and women and even the first footwear for little ones! Whatever your lifestyle, your requirements or your needs, Maresca Srl will satisfy you in every way.
Maresca Srl is specialized in the production and sale of shoes for the healthcare industry, certified professional shoes, summer footwear, flip flops, slippers and insole made ​​of wood, hand-sewn slippers and winter line, pvc boots women for rain and free timepvc boots men. The catalog Maresca Srl includes only high quality shoes, suitable for the professional sector and also excellent for individuals.
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